JSA Initiatives Fund Program - FY2013 Call for Proposals

Proposals Due August 3, 2012

JSA is soliciting proposals for Initiatives Fund support for fiscal year 2013 (October 1 through September 30). An Initiatives Fund Evaluation Committee will review eligible proposals that meet the criteria. The Committee will include Programs Committee members, JLab representation, Users Group representation, and external consultants as needed to ensure a fair and objective process. In addition to evaluating new proposals, the Committee will reassess the value of the programs requesting renewed support to ensure their on-going relevance and continuation. The Committee will make its recommendation to the owners (SURA and CSC/ATG) following the November JSA Programs Committee meeting. The owners have final approval of all awards from the Initiatives Fund. Proposers will be notified of the status of proposals following the owners' final decision.

Who Can Submit Proposals
Members of the Jefferson Lab user community, Jefferson Lab researchers and staff, others who can make a unique contribution to the Lab's research, education, and development and technology transfer missions.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Scientific, educational, technical or business merit. The Evaluation Committee will not provide original scientific or technical review of proposals and will use the following sub-criteria to determine proposal merit.
  • Alignment with or significance to current Lab programs
  • Degree of leveraged and/or matching support (monetary)
  • Prior scientific and/or technical reviews by others in support of proposal
  • Extent to which other means to obtain financial support were considered
  • Program evaluation plan, including clear and concise statement of the value of the proposal to the Lab
  • For renewals, assessment of past performance, including clear and concise statement of value of proposal to the Lab.

Instructions to Proposers
Proposals should include the Summary Sheet, along with Attachment A, Technical Proposal, and Attachment B, Budget Proposal. Technical proposals should not exceed 5 pages, with up to 5 additional pages for supporting materials (letters of support, etc.). Budget proposals should be completed using the Budget Proposal form and should contain sufficient detail to determine the categories of costs associated with the proposal. The total on the budget proposal should match the total funds requested on the summary sheet.

  • Proposals should identify a Principal Investigator (PI). The PI is the responsible party with whom JSA will coordinate the award and administration of funds for approved projects.
  • Proposals that include leveraged support and/or matching resources should secure the authorization of the institutional authority providing the leveraged support and/or matching resources.
  • Proposals submitted by PI's who are Lab employees require the acknowledgement of the appropriate Associate Director.
  • Proposals from users that include equipment to be used at the Lab should have the review and authorization of the appropriate Lab Associate Director.
  • NOTE: The JSA Initiatives Fund Program does not support salary, salary-related expenses, and indirect costs. Inclusion of these costs will be a factor in the evaluation for award.

Proposals are due no later than COB August 3, 2012, via e-mail to the SURA Chief Governance Officer, Elizabeth L. Lawson, elawson@sura.org.

Questions about Call for Proposals. Questions about this Call for Proposal may be submitted to elawson@sura.org. JSA will make responses to general questions regarding this call for proposal available to all proposers.