Jefferson Science Associates Board of Directors

CEO of VA Institution Granting Ph.D. in Physics

Taylor Reveley

President, College of William & Mary

Board Chair

Chief Executive, SURA

Jerry P. Draayer

President & CEO, SURA

Board Vice Chair
Chair, Compensation Committee

Eminent Scientist

Donald F. Geesaman


Chair, Science Council

User Institution Executive

William R. Harvey

President, Hampton University

Chair, Relations & Outreach Committee

Former Government Executive or Lab Director

James F. Decker

Principal, Decker, Garman, Sullivan & Associates, LLC


Chair, SURA/JSA Programs Committee

Elizabeth J. Beise

Professor & Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Programs, University of Maryland

Chair, Programs Committee

Senior Executive, PAE Applied Technologies



Board Vice Chair

Financial Expert

Clinton Bickett

Chief Financial Officer
Technical Services Business Unit

Chair, Finance and Audit Committee

Operations & Business Management Expert

Phillip Gardiner

Vice President, Test and Training Ranges, PAE Aviation & Technical Services

Chair, Operations & Safety Committee

Safety & Risk Management Expert

Kenneth Myers

National Security Solutions Business Unit


JSA Officers:
Elizabeth L. Lawson, Board Liaison and Secretary
Greg D. Kubiak, Asst. Secretary
Peter M. Bjonerud, Treasurer
Russell Moy, Counsel

Jefferson Lab Director: Stuart D. Henderson
JSA Internal Auditor: Gail P. Lucento

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SURA-appointed Member


PAE-appointed Member